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Flying for the first time?

Sabina KlisovaUpdated September 18, 2023
Flying for the first time?

Let’s say you are at the airport for the first time and you don’t know what to expect and what to do. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the airport process step by step:


Arrive at the airport in advance of your flight (we recommend 2 - 3 hours). Look for the checkin counters or kiosks of your airline. Approach the staff or use the self-service kiosks to check-in for your flight. You'll need your passport, e-ticket, or reservation number. The airline employee will issue your boarding pass and, if applicable, check your baggage.

Security Check

Proceed to the security checkpoint. Remove any metal objects from your pockets, take off your jacket or coat, and place them in the provided bins along with your carry-on luggage. Separate electronics (such as laptops and tablets) and liquids (in containers of 100 milliliters or less) into separate bins. You also may be asked to walk through a metal detector or a full-body scanner. Follow the instructions given by the security personnel.

Departure Area

Finally you’ll enter the departure area. Check the display screens or listen for announcements to find your gate number. Take note of the boarding time and any other important information. You can use this time to explore the airport, grab a meal or snack, shop, or simply relax in the seating areas.


When it's time to board, pay attention to the boarding announcements and proceed to your designated gate. Boarding usually takes place in groups or zones, starting with passengers needing special assistance or those seated in premium cabins. Have your boarding pass and identification ready for inspection. Follow the instructions of the airline staff and present your boarding pass to be scanned before entering the aircraft.

In-Flight Experience

Enjoy your flight! Make use of the in-flight entertainment system, read a book, or simply relax. Flight attendants will provide any necessary assistance or services during the journey. Remember to follow any instructions given by the crew, such as wearing your seatbelt when required or adhering to the designated electronic device usage policy.


Upon landing, remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop and the seatbelt sign is turned off. Don’t forget any carry-on items and prepare to disembark. Follow the instructions of the flight attendants and proceed to the exit. In the arrivals hall, follow the signs for baggage claim. Collect your checked baggage from the designated carousel and proceed through the customs checkpoint (if required.)

Congratulations on your first flight! Enjoy your journey and the new experiences that await you!

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